Published article: Le Mans ’66 in ScreenX – Review


Ahead of its wider cinema release on Friday, Cineworld hosted the UK’s first screening of James Mangold’s Le Mans ’66 in its ScreenX format which gives audiences a 270° viewing experience of a movie, care of projections on the screen-adjacent walls of the cinema.

The screening was introduced by a quick Q&A with Professor of Screen Media Sarah Atkinson who talked about the technology and positioned ScreenX as the next stage in cinema and a more immersive way to watch films as a collective experience.

With several ScreenX theatres already in operation, Cineworld has plans to roll out more of the slightly pricier screens and is currently using Le Mans ’66 as the poster child for the format. The movie has apparently been purposefully shot with extra cameras to create the 270° content that delivers a more immersive experience.

Before Cineworld’s ScreenX-formatted screenings, audiences are played a specially-produced trailer which has been created to show off the abilities of the format. But this actually does the opposite, making the experience feels like you’re watching a video of a roller-coaster or viewing a moving experience inside a static VR headset. The twists and turns of the content in this trailer makes you feel uneasy, confusing your brain into making you feel as though you should be moving even though you’re planted firmly in your seat.

Read the full review on Flickering Myth.


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