Published article: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season Two Review


Overall score: 55/100

In today’s landscape of cinematic-quality television, content producers need to make sure they put up the goods in order for people to invest their time. Where the all-at-once streaming culture means we expect more from our programming, there needs to be a really good hook in order to get audiences to make the commitment, especially for a series of eight, hour-long episodes.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video should meet these criteria on paper. It’s got the star power in John Krasinski, the recognizable IP in Tom Clancy’s titular character, storylines of political espionage and high-flying action and a decent budget behind its eight episodes from the behemoth that is Amazon. In the end, all these things means the series may be entirely watchable, however, it unfortunately falls into the camp of good but not essential.

We meet the aforementioned Jack Ryan – played by lovable Krasinski – in this second season after his promotion from a data analyst to something much more important on Capitol Hill. Ryan’s achievements as a result of the events of the first season are still very clear; and everyone in the cast is sure to comment on it, just in case the audience forgets for a second what an absolute hero he is.

The development of the character is one of the stickiest parts of this second season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. While he obviously did a lot as he worked his way up from the bottom of the rung as an analyst in the first season, the jump to where we meet him at the beginning of this new season feels almost too much.

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