Published article: Netflix Review – Living With Yourself


When you sit down without the intention of binging an entire new show all at once but that happens anyway, it’s pretty indicative of the impact of that series. This is absolutely the case with Living With Yourself starring Paul Rudd, Aisling Bea and Paul Rudd.

Rudd is Miles Elliot, a middle-aged husband living in suburbia who realises he’s sleep-walking through life and could make so much more of himself. Following the recommendation of a colleague who used to feel the same, Miles heads to a rejuvenating spa only to wake up several hours later in a shallow grave.

He returns home to find he has in fact been cloned and now has a new live-in doppelganger who’s essentially a happier, more charismatic version of himself whose enthusiasm makes him much more apt at living Miles’ life. This is the case at work, with friends and when communicating with his wife Kate (Bea), the latter of which is the driving force of the series from beginning to end.

The show is based around an idea that you could see other streaming services or distributors insisting should be dragged out to 13 hour-long episodes only for audiences to become unenthusiastic at some point during episode seven. But Living With Yourself commits to its 26-minute format, picking the most interesting parts of this dark comedy’s reality and packing just the right amount into a short episodic running time that it’s so easy to munch your way through the whole pack.

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