Published article: District 9 Could Mean Even More To Audiences 10 Years On


It has been 10 years today since the release of Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, a science-fiction film whose popularity has only grown since, becoming a highly regarded movie in its genre.

One of the reasons it’s so well-liked is because it appeals to many for varying reasons. Running through its veins are several themes, from ideas about racism and segregation, to building human connections and conspiratorial government tactics.

And that’s all on top of its embrace of some good old fashioned science-fiction mainstays, and even a little sprinkling of gang violence.

To celebrate the anniversary, I have revisited the movie which I haven’t seen since its initial release. And I have to say, a decade down the line it has aged really, really well.

This is even true when looking at the huge amount of effects the film features.

There are a few things, namely the metal battle-bot seen in some detail in the third act which wouldn’t pass muster now, but that’s forgivable for a film in which the majority of the cast were created in CG and still look good 10 years on.

Read the full article on Zavvi

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