Published article: Otherhood – An Uninspired Exploration of Mid-Stage Motherhood


Overall score: 25 / 100

The quality of acquisitions made by Netflix which the streaming service now brands as their own films have improved thanks to its increasing reputation as a home for great-quality programming and its huge subscriber base. But as with any studio or distributor taking a punt on a film, not every one is going to be a hit. Otherhood is unfortunately a miss. 

Otherhood is a film aimed at an audience Netflix hasn’t addressed much before with its other films. Of course, this isn’t going to appeal to the same crowd as Annihilation or Bright, but a light and breezy 100-minute comedy about three friends wanting to reconnect with their grown-up sons is going to have a fairly broad appeal, right? Only if its any good. 

Otherhood features three actors with long, well-respected careers in Bassett, Arquette and Huffman as Carol, Gillian and Helen respectively. But its main failing is that it doesn’t use them in any real capacity. The premise goes no deeper than what is shown in the trailer; the three are miffed their sons forget Mother’s Day, so they decide to drive into New York City to see them. It’s unclear what exactly they’re hoping to achieve by doing this but you have to assume it’s to mend a relationship that’s broken. Although that term needs to be used in the absolute loosest sense of the word. 

Read the rest of the article here.

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