Published article: The Red Sea Diving Resort – A Story-Driven Human Film (Early Review)


Overall score: 70/100

Based on a true story, The Red Sea Diving Resort is based on a true story that needs you to feel compassion for the people at the heart of it. This is the case whether it’s for the refugees that have to leave their homes and seek safety in another country or the characters who are putting their lives at risk to help them do it. But does it evoke compassion?

The Red Sea Diving Resort is Netflix’s most recent movie acquisition, starring an impressive lineup of stars including Evans as Ari Levinson, Huisman as Jacob ‘Jake’ Wolf, and Bennett as Rachel Reiter as well as Sir Ben Kingsley and Greg Kinnear in supporting roles as Ethan Levin and Walton Bowen respectively. While the film based on real events, it’s subject matter is something that not many of Netflix’s core audience will probably know about. Knowing it’s a true story means that there’s a certain level of assumption going on but nonetheless, it is still a well put together and life-affirming.

With The Red Sea Diving Resort, Raff has created something engaging that feels important even if it isn’t quite essential viewing. The script for the most part feels tight and deliberate and at times is even quite pithy and even funny. The film doesn’t waste any time at the beginning getting into the set up of the fake resort and familiarizing audiences with the characters at the heart of the story who are all driven by the need to try and help this group of refugees. The film, however, does run a little long with a running time of just over two hours with unnecessary scenes and superfluous elements. 

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