Published article: Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Character Development Problem


Spider-Man: Far From Home is a John Hughes movie masquerading as a superhero film. It’s the MCU’s way of pulling right back from the dizzying heights of Endgame; a reset button if you will. The studio needed to revert back to something of a smaller-scale norm before phase 4 kicks off as the build begins towards the next big multi-movie storyline.

Bringing the characters back down to earth to play out a teen romp around Europe is an interesting move for the studio and one that the studio is probably comfortable taking because Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters not just in these movies but also in the comic book world. While I loved Spider-Man: Far From Home, the one big issue was with the character development of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Peter Parker’s first solo outing was in Homecoming, a film which saw him introduced properly into the MCU after his debut in Captain America: Civil War. In both these films, Tony Stark treats Parker like a little kid. In Homecoming Parker was still coming to terms with his powers meanwhile battling with Stark about the kinds of things teenagers argue with their parents about.

Parker wanted to protect his friends and his identity; both of which put the public at risk. This wasn’t something that sat well with Stark. The big breaking point of that film was Peter having his suit taken away in order for him to learn his lesson and prove that he’s worthy enough without all the bells and whistles that a Stark Industries outfit gets you.

So imagine the surprise that came when…

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